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The Saturday!!

Our Fair is a week-long event which ends with the most exciting day of the year for a lot of local children, but it’s this day that’s lovingly known as ‘The Ferry Fair’. 

This is the day that all the children in the Court get dressed up and take part in a grand tour of the burgh (we’ll get to that), before the Main Procession takes us along the High Street for the formal crowning of the Ferry Fair Queen by our most Gracious Person, no longer just a Gracious Lady! 

stage confetti.jpg

So back to the tour and parade… As well as the children there are usually local clubs either in floats groups, or dancing, demonstrating or simply having a good old wave at the crowds. If you love a bit of muscle, the motor bikes and classic cars they’re usually there and of course there’s also a brilliant range of bands to keep you entertained too.


BUT It doesn’t stop there either - after the Crowning ceremony there’s live entertainment and I can personally vouch for lots of dancing in the street!

The Ferry Fair Week!!


Yes!! it lasts a whole week with Saturday being the finale. The flags are up, shops are decorated the whole place just looks fab!


In the week leading up to it there’s loads going on from teddy bears picnics to bouncy castles, football competitions, tug a war to name but a few (check out the programme for all the details)

ferry fair footie.jpg
The burryman.jpg

Friday sees The Burryman Day kicking off before 9am and touring the burgh until 6pm - what a guy!


And of course Friday wouldn’t be complete without the classic Boundary and Wheelbarrow races along with the Bellstane Walk. Oh and you might find the odd DJ turning out some tunes.

Who takes part??


Everyone!! … but it’s really all about the children of the local primary schools in Queensferry and Dalmeny. With each school taking turns of having the honour of having the Queen and her Court.

queens and court.jpg
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