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I enjoy being involved in the community on many levels and the Ferry Fair is a major local event which, like many others, needs the support of the local people to operate. Happy to help deliver such a momentous occasion in Queensferry. 

Having attended the events with my children over the years it was time to get involved. AMB

Anne - Marie Boyd
Vice Chair

Been on Ferry Fair committee since 2009, having moved to the "Ferry" 5 years prior to that and always enjoying Ferry Fair.  Helping organise the Fair can be hard work, but always rewarding when the sun shines on Ferry Fair Day (always..!) and you see all the happy children taking part and the adults on the High Street having a great day."

Jillian Langton
Matthew Beaton

I always wanted to be a volunteer for the Ferry Fair. I'm the guy that you see running up and down the main street on Ferry Fair day looking like a security man. It's hard work but I love being part of it!

Elinor Dobie

Ferry girl born and bred, I have always loved Ferry Fair and I have never missed one ever, I thoroughly enjoy being part of the committee and love seeing the kids faces each year as they take part. 


I moved to Queensferry in 2004, it was the very 1st community event that we attended as a family. As it happened it was the turn of the school that my boys were going to start the following week. As a family we were hooked, 2 of my boys went on to be page boys.

As a local photographer, it was one way I could give back to the community that supported me through out the year. I love being involved with the fair. 

Hannah Beaton

Being a Ferry Girl ‘Born & Bred’, the fair has always been a key event for me!

Having had many family members take part in the fair (including my daughters), I thought it was time to get involved to help out. With our ever growing town, I wanted to join for extra support for our fantastic committee to ensure we deliver a memorable Ferry Fair.

Tracey Wilson

I moved to Queensferry in September 2020 and celebrated my first Ferry Fair in 2021. I immediately knew it was something I would love to get involved with and I'm excited to be a part of the next Ferry Fair chapter!

Beth Norgrove


If you would like contact the committee please feel free to email 
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