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Committee Meeting Update April 20th.

Committee meeting was held April 20th in Rosebery Hall .

Committee have agreed on some new events to take place over the week of the fair, very exciting. This year’s fair is going to be one you don’t want to miss. All details will be in the programme. The content for the programme is coming together nicely and is being finalised as we speak. You can order on pre-sale and we will deliver direct to your door. Order on the website under fund raising.

The committee have agreed in the run up to the fair to ask local people on social media if they have posy girls’ dress, that no longer fit their child or they have no use for, they would like to donate. The fair will then hold an event where people can come along and see if they can get a dress. The committee alone between us have about eight.

There was chat about the parade route, where it goes, how it's going to look this year. If anyone wants to join in with the parade, please get in contact. We want this year’s parade to include as many local groups as possible. This is a community event and we want the community to be involved.

The youth football is going to be happening this year, a bit of a worry when we couldn’t get anyone to take it on. But Phil Wilson has stepped up to the challenge and the committee are going to be running it this year, not the world cup remember, it’s all in the name of fun and having a great time. Again, application forms will be in the programme and online. Adults football, John Pryde from G-Room has kindly offered to do this again.

Window Watchers will be back this year. The girls in Maisie's are going to be running it this year, thanks go out to them.

Prizes and sponsorship were spoken about for the events, again if anyone wants to sponsor an event please get in contact.

Ferry Fair will be attending the May day event, organised by The Rotary club. May 1st Hawthorn Bank Gardens. Come along say hi and learn more about what we do and how you can help support the Ferry Fair.

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