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Ferry Fair 2023 Winners Thurs-Sat

Congratulations to all the Winners from Ferry Fair 2023 week:

Thursday Boys Half Mile Race - Noah McIntosh Girls Half Mile Race - Eve Perrott

Tug of War - RNLI


Boundary Race: Men 1st Philip Broadbent 2nd Dallas Turner 3rd Michael Burns Women 1st Rebecca Burns 2nd Emma Coffey 3rd Rosemary Gallagher

Wheelbarrow Race: The Parkes (Christopher & Greg)

Bellstane Walk: Brett Rosenbveck


Arches (Main Court): 1st Oliver Taylor 2nd Casey Costello 3rd Anna McCrae Commended: Georgia Lee, Sam Payne

Decorated Gardens: Overall Winner Aidan Hastings

Escorts: 1st Ellis Anderson 2nd Adam Hennesay 3rd Kieran McLaren

Posy Girls: 1st Tessa Ferguson 2nd Maisie Vincent 3rd Flora Goater

Kenny Sinclair Trophy (Parade Entry): Kwon-Do

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