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Window Watchers Entry Form

Sponsored by Maisies

The object of the competition is to look in each of the windows listed below and try to spot one item that should not normally be there! Forms are available in the 2022 Ferry Fair Programme, from the library or can be downloaded below to print. Write your answers on the form. Competition starts on Sunday 7th August- only one entry per child. Please return all completed forms to the library by 3pm Friday 12th August. In the event of a draw the forms will be picked at random.

Prizes awarded for ages 3-8 and 9-16: 1st £10, 2nd £7, 3rd £5.

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Prizes awarded for ages 3-8 and 9-16 years: 1st £10.00, 2nd £7.00, 3rd £5.00 Winners Ages 3-8 1st Gracie Taylor 2nd Tanwen Watt 3rd Oscar Burton Ages 9-16 1st Morven Scott 2nd Isla Irvine 3rd Oliver

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